Lost but never forgotten

Small dog with big ears
Filled my heart with so much love
Now leaves dog shaped hole.

RIP Bosco Carl, you will always be loved and missed.


A bed full of love
Humans, canines and a cat
Creatures comfort all. 


Congested in chest
Wheezing, sniffles can not breathe
Being sick sucks it. 


Time with my girl. Love. 
Lives full, togetherness rare
Precious are these days. 

Best companion

Snoring dog by side
Twitching with dreams alive large
Funny little love. 

Rose Brush Studio new location!

Art excitement fresh
Creative juices flow now
Newfangled space good!

New studio space
Ten twenty one R Street Sac
Rose Brush Studio!

Our newest addition

New member of house
Name: Dexter the rat slayer
Hunt Dexter, hunt well…

Twinkle twinkle

Christmas lights twinkle
Family bliss makes warm glow
Blessings one and all!