Being mama

Burn deep, mark the spot
that touches my child's mind
and teases my heart.


The smell of used flame
swirled upward as ash settled
from their blazing fire.

To Dream

In the deep of twilight
When the sky diamonds fly high
She lies in her dreams.


Are the tears of sweat
Any more acidic than
the flight of my years?


I lie on the cold
bubbled steel and spin make stars
play with dizziness!

Lost but never forgotten

Small dog with big ears
Filled my heart with so much love
Now leaves dog shaped hole.

RIP Bosco Carl, you will always be loved and missed.


A bed full of love
Humans, canines and a cat
Creatures comfort all. 


Congested in chest
Wheezing, sniffles can not breathe
Being sick sucks it. 


Time with my girl. Love. 
Lives full, togetherness rare
Precious are these days.