Santa warms the soul
Memories flood through, content
Heart bursts with such joy!


Festival of lights
Miracle of oil eight days
Blessings to you all!


Gotta get my groove
Easy to just be lazy
Don't want to waste time!

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Twenty five years now
darling daughter gift to me
Happy Birthday Love!

My Dad and Mom, Lindsey and me. I am so glad you were born honey!

This is not mine but I had to include this in my blog, I love Albert Einstein!

"A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?" - Albert Einstein

Date night

Night out with hubby
Musical surprise waited
Love young songwriter.

We went out tonight and heard a wonderful young singer songwriter
Julianna Zachario, what a lovely accidental happening.

Music moves me!

Cajun Zydeco
Moves my soul and makes me smile
scratchin to that beat!

I've fallen and I can't get up!! Thanks honey for your help!

Towel bar handle?
Not really I know for sure
Off the wall it went...

Recovered but then
Non slip bath mat not so much
Nothing else to grab!

Slip and fall no fun
Like an old lady I am
Lucky nothing broke!

I love my doggie!!

Bosco Carl Lev
Dog of unknown breed is ours
Big ears and huge heart!

Bosco Carl Lev
Named chocolate caramel
Color says it all

Bosco Carl Lev
Loved by the whole family
and me even more!

The final push for "go live"

Working long hours
Missing my family, home
Next two months please fly!

Holiday week

Short weeks often long
Friday arrived finally
Week end comes at last!
Pink Owl shining bright
New painting that says who who
I hope she likes it!


Annual family
Picnic in the park, good stuff
Sixty four years strong!

Soon to come

New art project soon
Promises made for small work
Who who who, that's right!

TV madness

Swamp people, who knew
Love hearing cajun french
Gators not so much.

Sacramento summer nights

Delta breeze invites
Cools the summer eve so nice
Now this I can do!

Fathers Day

To all the fathers
Who are there for their children
Dads, have a great day!

Relax you deserve it

Home quiet, mind calm
Deep breaths to sooth and refresh
Alone... with the dogs.


Beautiful brilliant
Loving talented and fun
My daughter of mine!

Bosco Carl

Mans best friend and mine
Best of award should be his
Bosco. You're the dog!

Wake up!

Monday starts the week
One in seven comes around
Must have some coffee!

Weeks end trilogy

Friday, love this day
Workweek exhausting need rest
peace will be here soon!

Weekend arrives slow
Will pass too quickly I know
Monday just around bend

No thoughts of Monday
Fool not rush through the weekend
Relax sooth breath pause...


Project frying brain
Too much, too many changes
Confused for go live.

My new fish...

Shiny orange and white
Flowing through the water blue
My new girl Lucy!

My zone...

Painting relaxes
Time slows and so does my mind
Creation delight!


Family ties true
Blood binds even if unknown
Circle complete now

My color

Raspberry color
Deep beautiful best loved now
I am such a girl!


Life long friends have lunch
Talk laugh share eat giggle love
Fine time sharing, friend!

Love you Carolee!


Life passes me now
The boobtube diverting time
Must get up and art!


Smoke swirls about here
Feeling cozy and warm time
relax relax whew...

July Flowers

June showers today
Brings July flowers they say?
No maybe that's May...

Oh to retire...

Another day and another dollar
The cubicle walls are a real bother
Retirement can't come soon enough
Free to art... now that's the stuff!


Crunchy green orange blue
Sweet delights inside my head
Salad, silly... yum!

Nighty night

Day is done sleep soon
Day is done off to bed now
Day is done goodnight

Jury Duty

My duty is done
Thanks juror 10 you're excused
Beautiful words yes!


Because the rhythm
May not always fall in step
Musings happen too.

Alabama Moonlight

Alabama moonlight glaring bright
through the heavy southern air.
Sweet smell of magnolias wave across
my nose while the katydids sing,
I just sit and dream.

Alabama moonlight beaming through
the window of the village tavern.
Rank smell of smoke billows up across
the room while the trumpet sings,
Again, I sit and dream.

Alabama moonlight fading
from the sky above my head.
Awaking aroma of coffee fills my senses
while the sparrows sing.
Dream no more, no more till next I can.

Darker Haiku

Gloom blows like locust
Orbit stinging pounding core
Lost, till chime sings new


Dark grey cubicle
Creativity sucked dry
Caged like animal


Memories of youth
Age weighs my body heavy
Huh, what did you say?

Ode to Peppermint

Pink, Sweet and Creamy
Sitting on a cone of sugar
Get in my belly!

Art show...

Show approaching fast
Excitment starts to bubble

By Tj Lev

Is it spring yet?

Sky blue swirls above
Honeysuckle fills my nose
Could spring have arrived?

Long weekend

Long weekend gone now
but seems like it just began
Friday's on its way!