Because the rhythm
May not always fall in step
Musings happen too.

Alabama Moonlight

Alabama moonlight glaring bright
through the heavy southern air.
Sweet smell of magnolias wave across
my nose while the katydids sing,
I just sit and dream.

Alabama moonlight beaming through
the window of the village tavern.
Rank smell of smoke billows up across
the room while the trumpet sings,
Again, I sit and dream.

Alabama moonlight fading
from the sky above my head.
Awaking aroma of coffee fills my senses
while the sparrows sing.
Dream no more, no more till next I can.

Darker Haiku

Gloom blows like locust
Orbit stinging pounding core
Lost, till chime sings new


Dark grey cubicle
Creativity sucked dry
Caged like animal


Memories of youth
Age weighs my body heavy
Huh, what did you say?

Ode to Peppermint

Pink, Sweet and Creamy
Sitting on a cone of sugar
Get in my belly!

Art show...

Show approaching fast
Excitment starts to bubble

By Tj Lev

Is it spring yet?

Sky blue swirls above
Honeysuckle fills my nose
Could spring have arrived?

Long weekend

Long weekend gone now
but seems like it just began
Friday's on its way!